Thursday, July 1, 2010

16 Days and Counting

What goes through the mind of a bride nearly two weeks before the big day? Lists, lists, and lists! The kegs to order, the dress to clean, the wine to purchase, the bills to pay (yikes!) and for this bride the crafty down home details that will make the day something special. At this point, I'm happy to report that the yard is DONE! All the lights are hung (just need to add the lanterns the day of); the gravel and beauty bark spread; the planters filled.

As you can see in the photo, we've even been blessed with enough good weather to ripen a few strawberries (one of the planters). Tomorrow I meet with the caterer to turn in our final numbers for food (and pay her - $30 a head is a good deal round these parts, and at 80 guests, our most significant expense). That to me really signifies how far we've come, the first "outsider" will see all the work we've put in.

This will likely be the last post before the big day - I look forward to more posts in the future to document for myself (and any interested parties) all the steps it took to make our wedding come to fruition!

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