Thursday, July 23, 2009


The move south went very smoothly. I never thought that hiring movers could be such an extraordinary help to both the physically moving of items, but also the mental stress. Trey wasn't even there on moving day - I had it all under control with my two friends whose name escapes me. They liked hip-hop and dreads, so we got along swimmingly! Photos of the new place here.

Now we are all settled into our new abode, adjusting to late dinners (with Trey's near 3 hour commute - one way), and no more late classes. I've come to enjoy the walk to the Tuesday market on 6th, this week featured the first tomatoes and I decided to try out my "garden level" location with a basil plant. So far, it was a wise decision.

On the wedding front, things are plodding along. We decided on a honeymoon location in Cabo, at my mom's timeshare. (For pics of another couple's honeymoon at that exact location, click here) We got a great deal - only $600 for the week in a one-bedroom, including kitchen, unit that will look out over the Pacific. There was some deal going on, an "Vacation Stimulus" package that really helped. With the $200 credit on my Amex (because I have the travel rewards), were looking at less than $60 a day. I'd rather spend my pennies on a vacation than a wedding dress any day!

Speaking of, the ladies (Mom, sis, and I) are going dress shopping Sunday. My attitude is to just get it done with. I'd like something white, fun, and cheap. So we'll see what David's has to offer - I wasn't that impressed when I went with a friend, but I also can't pass up ridiculous markdowns as it's the end of wedding dress season.

So that's what's been going on! Last weekend we had an official graduation/engagement party, and it was so nice to see friends and family from both sides come together and mark this transition in our lives. Things are going very well, and I can't believe how fast time is flying! I know July 17th, 2010 will be here before we know it!

Grandma gives Trey the third degree