Monday, September 14, 2009

September Already?!

My, it's been awhile, hasn't it?

The past month and half has been a blur of beginning a new job (Jenni) and going on hiatus (Trey). A blessing in disguise, Trey's break from Microsoft has allowed him to bring the yard up to snuff, and help out Jenni's mom around the house. Trey should be posting lawn details soon...

In the limited downtime that is slowly increasing in my life, the crafty side has come out. We decided to go with handmade invitations a long time ago, and recently ordered a few handmade rubber stamps from TerBerCo over at Etsy. The theme for the reception is latin inspired fun times. Basically colorful, playful, flowery, full of life and joy. So with that in mind, our invites will feature dahlias and love birds. The creative process is just beginning, with the ordering of stamps and a fun Japanese invention called a Gocco. This portable printing press allows the user to make multiple prints from one silkscreen making it much easier to print 100 near-perfect (i.e. no stamp smudged) images. A little pricey ($120), the cost was justified for us because of the hours of amusement and crafting that it will bring Jenni those weeks when she is on call (such as Thanksgiving) before and after we say our vows. We'll see how the process goes once we can figure out how to use the machine!

When we last updated, I was just looking for a dress. Found it! A simple number from Davids, only $150, it's a cream colored version of a bridesmaid dress. Comfortable jersey, simple, and inexpensive (!). Trying on dresses on the hottest day in July, I realized comfort means immensely more to me than style, and anything requiring a corset or containing taffeta was out. I also could not justify spending the same amount on our honeymoon on a dress I will only wear once. I don't care who says you can alter it to wear again, I have never heard of someone I know actually doing that. After seeing my mom's lacy, beaded 1979 relic in it's blue plastic bag, so sad and shoved behind clothes that no longer fit, I just couldn't lay down that kind of money in good conscience.

So wedding dress, check! Wedding invites, in progress (and months early). Engagement photos scheduled for the first week of October up in Bellingham. The next item on the wedding to do list is the CATERER! We've decided to look for a caterer for the main dishes of the night, and do all appetizers and side dishes ourselves. Looking for ways to cut costs, be realistic to the space were utilizing, and having decent food, we're modeling our food after abackyardwedding (the same place we got the idea for tables of pie instead of a traditional wedding cake). So for any readers out there, any good caterers in the south sound? Folks you know who are starting a catering business? Someone who can prepare the food off site? I'm hoping to have someone by the end of the year, and the weeks keep flying by!

Look forward to a post from Trey about the lawn... he's done some amazing work!

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